Tamiya Mercedes Benz G320 Cabrio with custom Arduino-based lighting

A few weeks ago I fell for my old hobby and felt like assembling a remote-controlled car. As a fan and owner of a real Mercedes-Benz vehicle, I chose the G320 Convertible SUV kit from Tamiya. As is usual with the rather simple Tamiya kits, they have no lighting, and I didn’t want to buy a ready-made RC lighting kit.  So I decided to build my own lighting based on an Arduino Nano-compatible controller instead. In this blog post I present my solution, in case you want to rebuild it.

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SCSM Clone User Role Console Task

Creating user roles in SCSM can be quite cumbersome, especially when you have to scroll through the long lists of tasks, views and templates over and over again. Wouldn’t it be helpful to be able to start from a user role template with the most common selections already made? Read more to find out about my solution to easily clone any custom user role created in SCSM.

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Moving the Resolve task out of the “Change Incident Status” group

SCSM 2012 brought a lot of great new features, but there are some minor changes which I find annoying. One of these changes is the “Change Incident Status” task group which includes the “Resolve” task. I (and most of my customers) prefer this task to be in the root task list, as it used to be in SCSM 2010. Read this blog post to bring this task back to where it belongs.

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