SCSM Change Request Stage from Activity In Progress

This solution allows you to create Change Request views indicating the Stage of the current Activity which is In Progress. It includes an extension for the Change Request class and a workflow which updates the Change Request whenever an Activity changes to In Progress.

Today I have been faced with a customer requirement to create a view in SCSM displaying all open Change Requests and the Stage of the Activity which is currently in status In Progress. There is no way you can do this using the out-of-box view framework in SCSM.

While you could write a custom WPF converter for the view framework, I decided on a more reusable approach, and made the solution publicly available on the TechNet Gallery.

The solution…

1. …extends the Change Request class with a “Stage” property

2. …includes a workflow which automatically updates this property whenever an Activity changes to In Progress

You can then create views which can look like this:


Download the solution from GitHub:

Ratings and comments are greatly appreciated.

Have fun Smile


3 thoughts on “SCSM Change Request Stage from Activity In Progress

  1. Geoff Ross March 24, 2021 / 10:17

    Hi Dieter, how are you. This is a very old post but still interesting to me. Do you have the code anywhere because the TechNet gallery is now gone 😦
    Geoff Ross

    • Dieter Gasser March 31, 2021 / 21:17

      Hi, I have moved the sources to GitHub and updated my post accordingly.

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