SCSM Clone User Role Console Task

Creating user roles in SCSM can be quite cumbersome, especially when you have to scroll through the long lists of tasks, views and templates over and over again. Wouldn’t it be helpful to be able to start from a user role template with the most common selections already made? Read more to find out about my solution to easily clone any custom user role created in SCSM.

I have created a management pack which includes a task that allows you to clone any user role that you have created in Service Manager. All settings will be copied to the new user role.


  • Clone any custom user role (built-in user roles are not supported)
  • Optionally override the profile for the cloned copy
  • Optionally copy the members as well


You can download the management pack and instructions on how to use the task from GitHub:

Have fun 🙂


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