SCSM 2012 Upgrade: “[Group] is not a valid Active Directory group or user”

Today I encountered a problem when I tried to upgrade one of my customer’s SCSM 2010 SP1 environment to SCSM 2012 RTM. The setup was aborted with the error message “[Group] is not a valid Active Directory group or user”. It took me quite a while to find the root cause of this problem, so I thought I will share it for those of you who run into the same issue.

Following the Microsoft documentation on TechNet I prepared the environment for being upgraded and then launched the Setup program on the Data Warehouse Management Server.

Before the setup menu was display, the process was aborted and the following error message was displayed:


I browsed the customer’s Active Directory and indeed didn’t find such a group. Talking to the system administrator, he told me that this group, which is actually the SCSM Management Group Administrators group, had been renamed.

So I browsed the whole registry and databases on the SM Management Servers and finally found the culprit. SCSM stores the Management Group Administrator group in the __MOMManagementGroupInfo__ table of the DWStagingAndConfig and ServiceManager databases.


So just edit this record and change the value of the MOMAdminGroup field to the new name of the Active Directory group in the following format: [Domain]\[Group]

Just right-click the table and choose Edit Top 200 Rows, then overwrite the old value with the new value.

After this change, I was able to upgrade the SCSM Data Warehouse Management Server.

Note: Don’t forget to also check the same table in the ServiceManager database and make the required changes before you do the upgrade of the SCSM Management Server.

I hope this is of any help for you out there Smile


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